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The Violet Hour – Not *Just* A Bar…

December 4, 2014

So, we always knew that The Violet Hour was a very fine bar. Aside from magnificent cocktails on the menu, we can’t thank Dan enough for transforming the dilapidated Hibbert’s shop on Burton Road, into a lovely, well-run community bar, quite literally on our doorstep. We also always knew that The Violet Hour did food – we’ve had bar snacks, platters, pop-up fare and pie & mash. At various times, mind you, not ALL in the same sitting, but we also always knew that Dan’s culinary wings were a bit clipped by the very small kitchen which he had initially.

However – changes have been afoot, and there is now a much larger kitchen, upstairs, meaning that The Violet Hour is now able to showcase a menu which really is up there with the best of them…

We were invited in to try out the new menu and chose a Thursday evening. The Violet Hour is a very handsome place, full of lovely touches, which make it warm and welcoming. Perfect for a winter’s evening. Early evening, before it transforms into more of a bar, is also perfect for dining – and a fair few other people had exactly the same idea, as most tables in the ground floor bar were occupied by diners.

There’s plenty of choice on this new menu, and if you’re a fan of the Daddy Violet burger, you’ll be delighted to know it’s back! And it is a daddy of a burger – packed, I am reliably informed! It was a biggie – and served with sides of fries and Violet Hour coleslaw, really packs a punch. I opted for the Moroccan Lamb Burger – and can heartily recommend it. Again, not on the small side, but not as over-facing as the Daddy Violet. The mushroom was cooked to perfection and the grilled aubergine (and I’m not the biggest fan of the aubergine) was delicious. Again, complete with fries and coleslaw. Not realising quite how large – and filling – the burgers were, we also ordered a side salad. To be honest, this could actually constitute a meal in itself – a big plate, layered with fresh beef tomatoes, spinach, cucumber, pine nuts and avocado. Bloody delicious! (Apologies for quality of photos – I didn’t want to ruin the lovely candle-lit ambience with the flash!)

Suffice to say, we were so pleasantly satiated that we turned down desserts – although if they are of the same quality as the mains, I wouldn’t hesitate in saying, fill your boots! And, as an aside – the music was FAB!

Verdict? Our little neighbourhood has it all – great selection of good wines, beers & cocktails, a delicious new menu and excellent music. All on the doorstep. Can’t ask for much more 🙂

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