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Market Days Are Back…

July 26, 2014

When I was a child growing up in the North East, we didn’t have big out-of-town superstores. Or even big stores. When Eldon Square in Newcastle opened when I was a teenager, it was as if Las Vegas had been transported to the NE. Big, bright & shiny and so much choice. As a teenager, it was great – but looking back I can see that it really affected the high streets of the towns and villages round about. Mine included. Slowly but surely, the fruit & veg shop dwindled, the proper sweet shop gave way to the confectionery aisle in the supermarkets which were springing up, and the local weekly market, once really thriving, was nothing more than a few stalls selling mostly knock-off rubbish.

Followers of Didsbury Life will know that we are really committed to supporting independent businesses. And we’re now really, really happy to have the fabulous Makers’ Market in West Didsbury every last Sunday of the month. As was said on twitter this morning, it does what it says on the tin – because it’s a market full of people who make and create. The organisers are determined that it will complement the independent businesses in West Didsbury, not compete – and that’s what it seems to be doing. As well as jewellery, art, mosaics, accessories and food stalls selling meats, breads, cheeses etc there is also a mini stage, curated by the guys at The Epicurean. It’s so lovely to hear live music rather than generic “pop” over loud speakers.

And tomorrow, joining the line-up is our friend, Mike Garry. He’s a poet. And if you’ve never heard him before, prepare to be blown away. It’s not every day that someone we know gets to perform at The Carnegie Hall with the likes of New Order, Patti Smith & Iggy Pop or goes on a national tour with John Cooper Clarke. And you can catch him tomorrow at 2.45pm in West Didsbury. Pretty cool, eh? (Check out his wife Amanda’s stall, as she’ll be there with her iconic mosaics…)

And talking of great markets, if you’ve not checked out the weekly Levenshulme Market (every Saturday), then you must! This is another that has organisers who seem to listen to what people actually want and who understand the importance that markets have for start up independent businesses. With a weekly rotating theme, you’ll see a real variety of traders – and it has that community feel in abundance. Which is why it ticks our boxes 🙂

UPDATE – here’s a selection of what we snapped at July’s West Didsbury Makers’ Market… (Next market is Sunday 31st August 2014)




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  1. July 26, 2014 7:06 pm

    I’m so glad people are starting to see the effects these giant stores are having and going out of their way to support markets. When I’m next in South Mcr I shall check it out. There’s an indoor market next to the massive Tesco in Gorton near me but it hardly has any food stalls and doesn’t support local artisans, so bit rubbish really.

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