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How Much Do *You* Love Withington Baths?

June 26, 2014

The campaign to not only keep Withington Baths open, but to secure a Community Asset Transfer, is gathering pace. A number of events have already been held and we’re currently gearing up for the Summer Banquet on Sunday 13th July. For just £20.00 per person, Ian Devine aka “The Drunken Butcher” will present a pop up five course  extravaganza, accompanied by local West Didsbury independents, Cocoa-Cabana Chocolatiers, Reserve Wines and The Flower Lounge. The event will be captured for posterity by Jonny Draper and you’ll have the opportunity hear about plans and the visionary 3D models which have been commissioned, giving a glimpse into what could be a very bright future!

But that’s not all. We want the community to be firmly rooted in the future of the baths and as such we’ve just launched “Fiver Fever”. Our aim is to raise £5000 (to be added to the £15,000 already secured from various funding streams), to enable our plans to progress and so we want to establish the “Friends of Withington Baths”. For just £5, you could become an integral part of the future. Interested? Pop over to the website and you can join up there. Huge thanks to those lovely people who are already “friends” 🙂

We’re also looking for ten local businesses to become “Business Friends”. And, within a couple of days of launching, we are thrilled that The Metropolitan, JP & Brimelow, Montrose Properties, The Flower Lounge, Didsbury Events & Catering Co, Greens Restaurant & Ascendis Accountants have already pledged their support. Three more and we’ve hit our target!

If you’d like to be kept in the loop with what’s going at Withington Baths, follow on Twitter, like on Facebook or join the mailing list. We promise, you will NOT regret getting involved!



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