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So, What Are You Giving Up?

March 5, 2014

The next six weeks, whether you’re religious or not, will be about a lot of people giving a lot of things up. Chocolate, alcohol, cigarettes. You name it. Someone will be giving it up. So, here’s an idea. Giving up the big guys and pledging to support the small guys, as much as possible.

In this day & age, it’s probably almost impossible to shop exclusively independently, and from the high street. That’s not what we’re saying, because that just wouldn’t be realistic. But wouldn’t be it be nice, if, instead of popping  to the nearest supermarket for a loaf of bread, we went local – Burton Rd Bakery or A Taste of Honey for example? Instead of buying yours and the kids’ clothes in stores in big out of town retail places, why not make a purchase at Milly Mog or Steranko? Looking for something for the house? Do yourself a favour  and forget the IKEA trip – David Gavin Design, Frog Furniture, Moth & Orchard Design are right on our doorstep. And as for coffees – spoilt for choice! There’s Thyme Out Deli, And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon, Folk, The Metropolitan, just for starters. Doing a bit of gardening or DIY as the weather perks up? Then head to Blaggs or Bud Garden Centre or The Flower Lounge. Sweet tooth? How’s about Cocoa-Cabana? A bit of a pamper? How about Evie’s Retreat or MacleodBradley on Lapwing Lane?

Even if it’s just the once you do it over the next six weeks, bet the independent you choose to spend your money in, appreciates it a whole lot more than one of the big boys. And, if you’re not in the habit already, it may well last a bit longer than six weeks 🙂

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