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LightsFest 2013 – West Didsbury Lights Up!

December 7, 2013

So after much planning, we realised once again, the one thing we have absolutely no control over is the weather. We’d worked with our West Didsbury independents to get our prize draw up & running back in September at WestFest, and through this we raised the necessary funds for our traders’ contributions to the lights. (Businesses who donated prizes once again showed real generosity & community spirit, but special thanks must go to Reserve Wines who donated £300 which they raised over WestFest weekend). We’d sorted the lack of lights on the tree – only discovered because the lights were switched on early, and then swiftly switched off after some frantic phone calls! In hindsight though, thank goodness they were, otherwise we’d have had a very underwhelming switch on!

Children from Cavendish School & Lancasterian School were ready with their songs & carols, the fabulous Nicky McCallan (who held the event together at the mike) was ready, the gazebo was up, the wine was ready to mull, Santa was coming and our switcher-on-er was sorted. On that note, huge thanks to local resident Sue Cleaver (Corrie’s Eileen Grimshaw) who did the honours for us this year. Then, the wind & rain arrived…

And it was so bad throughout Thursday, that we thought we’d have to cancel. However, we’re a hardy lot in West Didsbury, and after taking advice from the police, we felt that it was about time Christmas started…

2013-12-07_0009 2013-12-07_0010  lightsfest2013_lores_015

As well as our local businesses and residents who all contributed to this annual event, there are some people we must single out as without their help, LightsFest2013 wouldn’t have happened…

  • The children and staff from Cavendish School and Lancasterian School, West Didsbury
  • Didsbury GMP
  • The Albert Club (thank you for the loan of your equipment)
  • The West Didsbury Club
  • Sue Cleaver
  • Nicky McCallan
  • Jason from Amey Contractors who sorted out our lights issue 😉
  • The brilliant Jonny Draper who gives up his time, every year, to photograph our event
  • Simon Connolly from Greens Restaurant who fed the crowd with complimentary festive mince-pies
  • Santa Claus, who fitted us into his very busy schedule
  • And last but not least, Katie from WDRA – you keep me sane!

So with no further ado, HAPPY CHRISTMAS – and see you for LightsFest 2014!

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