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A Community Collaboration

November 27, 2013

In May 2013, following massive opposition from the community to the planned closure of Withington Leisure Centre, Manchester City Council confirmed that the centre would continue to operate as a Council-run facility until an additional site on Hough End Playing Fields is developed. This is scheduled to open in April 2015.

But there’s a long way to go.

As we head toward 2015, we have established LoveWithingtonBaths as a charitable organisation to develop a business case and strategy for how the baths will be run.

Good news. The baths will remain as a much-used leisure centre and will retain the existing pool. This remains the soul of the building and we are confident it remains financially viable. But beyond this, we have a blank canvas. The space in the building isn’t maximised and there’s a ton of potential to develop services that will benefit the community. (Love Withington Baths)

So, last night, a public consultation meeting was held to discuss the community vision for the long term future of the facility, way beyond 2015. This meeting was attended by a wide range of people – student representatives, local councillors, OAPs, local residents & local businesses, young & old – and out of the meeting came some incredible ideas for the future use of the building. What came across very strongly, was that this facility should remain, at its heart, a community facility – something that the charitable organisation is 100% behind. Once everything has been collated, we’ll be releasing the details of the consultation and the ideas generated – but suffice to say, we live in a community full of people prepared to think outside of the box!

Our next event to fund raise and raise awareness, will be a Christmas Craft Fair on Thursday evening, 12th December – more details will be sent out via the Love Withington Baths list, added to Didsbury Life and via our various social media outlets.

To give you an idea of how far we’ve come, have a look here at previous events…

2013-11-27_0002 2013-11-27_0003 2013-11-27_0004If you’d like to know about Love Withington Baths, do give us a follow over on Twitter or a like on Facebook or join our mailing list. We look forward to seeing you on 12th December at our Christmas Craft Fair…

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