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What a load of rubbish…

July 6, 2013

Spurred on by Prestwich Life and a recent community clean-up in which they were involved, we joined forces with West Didsbury Residents’ Association, to do a similar event in West Didsbury. Although the area is generally clean and well-looked after, we felt that this could be a great community event – although we approached it with some trepidation, as who *really* wants to litter-pick & clean up after others on a hot Sunday afternoon in June?

Well, as it turned out, quite a lot of people. We’d deliberately kept it a bit more low key than things we usually promote, simply because we weren’t sure how it would go down – but, lesson learnt for next time, as it was actually an amazing success! We kicked off at 10am and by 11, the first of the volunteers were back at the Co-op with bags of rubbish. And, despite the fact it was a very warm afternoon, that continued all the way through until we clocked off at 3pm. We’ll let the pictures tell the story..

All in all, we collected approximately 40 bags of rubbish from the streets and alleyways around West Didsbury – thanks to approximately 60 volunteers who turned out over the course of the event. Huge thanks to Katie & Nicola at the WDRA for taking up the organisational reins, Siobhan at Prestwich Life who kick-started it all, the Co-op who let us use their front as a meeting point and storing the bags for council collection. And, of course, every single volunteer who gave up a bit of time to help make West Didsbury a little bit cleaner…

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