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The Violet Hour Comes Of Age…

June 23, 2013

For quite a few years, the above was a familiar sight on Burton Road, West Didsbury. What had been Hibberts – a butcher’s shop – had fallen into rack & ruin. People came and viewed it, shook their heads, and as you probably would, walked away. Then along came Dan Pollard who had a vision for this shell of a unit – and it really was a shell, as the ceilings inside had been taken down. For months we watched as he & his team restored this wreck in what is now The Violet Hour – which celebrated its first birthday on Friday.

The birthday bash was also the launch for the all-new food and drinks menu – which were sampled throughout the evening. With a range of small plates, larger plates and sharing plates, the new food menu is perfect for snacking or for a more substantial meal. (Meats are sourced from Frosts the Butchers – and what he doesn’t know about the highest quality meats…). The new cocktail menu has clearly been extensively researched & it’s safe you say, you’ll be somewhat spoilt for choice…

Happy Birthday to The Violet Hour – and here’s to many more!


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