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Didsbury Festival 2013

June 8, 2013

Unbelieveably, the sun has shone on Didsbury for the last few days – and looks set to continue to do so, for a little while longer – and that was very good news for Didsbury Festival.

Whilst some people headed off to North Manchester for Parklife, and others headed down south for Finsbury Park and The Stone Roses, quite a few people chose to stay a little bit closer to home, if the crowds were anything to go by. Didsbury Festival maybe not quite as edgy as some of the other festivals on the summer calendar, but you can’t get away from the fact, that when that the sun shines, it is a proper community festival, with a lovely village feel. A bit Midsomer, but without the murders. As far as we know…

The old favourites were there in evidence  – the parade through the village, the Dog Show, the Tug-of-War (well done The Nelson Pub), the community stalls, the local schools, the dance troupes, the local police and the cast of Star Wars…

My favourite stall was back. All being sold for a good cause, but most of the gardening implements would have your eye out at the very least. (And to think that currently over in West Didsbury, A-boards are deemed to be dangerous objects by the council…)

And then, as we left the festival, what did we spot? Well, it is Didsbury…

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