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Oh Manchester, we do *love* you…

June 3, 2013

For one reason or another, we didn’t make it into Manchester this weekend, for the “Wish You Were Here” themed Manchester Day parade. From what we saw via twitter, looked like a great day, although not sure about the retro saucy postcard style marketing…

Now that the metro has opened in Didsbury, it’s made travel into Manchester so much easier. Last weekend, we left the car at home, hopped on the tram at Burton Rd and hopped off at St Peter’s Square. We’re lucky to not have to use the tram to commute, but can understand the frustrations which have been expressed re lack of carriages, and subsequent over-crowding. The journey into Manchester, during rush hour on a week day, is probably very different to the journey on a sunny Sunday morning. But, still a more pleasant journey than battling along Oxford Rd or Princess Parkway in a car or a bus.

And when we got into Manchester, the sun was shining, making us once again appreciate what a beautiful city we actually live in…

2013-06-03_0007 2013-06-03_0008 2013-06-03_0009 2013-06-03_0010 2013-06-03_0011 2013-06-03_0012If you fancy popping into town on the tram, check out this link as we’ve uploaded a PDF, which you can download & fold into a handy booklet, with times and prices.

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