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The Thymes They Are A-Changing…

May 23, 2013

Thyme Out Deli on Nell Lane is one of those beautiful little gems that seems to have always been around. In fact, it only opened in 2007. However, Ben’s not one for standing still and the deli has already undergone quite a few transformations…

The chickens arrived – and the chickens grew! Have you seen the size of them now? Always lovely to know that when you’re eating your eggs in Thyme Out Deli, the chances are some of them won’t have travelled very far at all to get to your plate…

Then there was the “secret garden” – which, with a group of friends, we tried to maintain. But gardeners we weren’t and thankfully we can now *sit* in the garden, rather than dig, plant, weed and water – and end up with carrots no bigger than your thumb 😉

An alcohol license was granted not too long ago, and we are now yearning for a warm sunny day when we can sip a glass of wine in the garden. And, now, the latest change at Thyme Out – a covered patio area at the front on Nell Lane. Work has started and is progressing quickly – and so when that sunny day finally arrives, don’t worry if the garden is packed. You’re sure to get a seat at the front…

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