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A Very Fishy Affair with Fish Bait, West Didsbury…

May 18, 2013

So, the surprise of the Frankie’s Fish Bar closure subsided, and no sooner had the guys fried their last fish, than Faye and her Fish Bait team rolled into West Didsbury – although the team didn’t have to roll too far, as brilliantly, she kept on the team, so expect to see some very familiar faces. Fish Bait opened on Wednesday 8th May and with an opening offer of fish & chips for just £2.00, the Burton Road queue just grew. And grew. And grew…

Twitter that evening was full of praise for Fish Bait, so we had high hopes when we paid a visit earlier in the week. We’d been privy to the menu because Fish Bait has a profile on our site, so were very much looking forward to a bit a sampling session. And, do you know what? Fish Bait did NOT disappoint. The regular fish & chips were quite perfect, with very light batter (apparently, it’s down to the high quality oil), succulent fish (all fresh daily) & very tasty mushy peas. I’m not a fan of tartare sauce, so can’t comment personally on that, but was informed it was excellent, and almost identical to the famed Frankie’s tartare sauce. With wines from Reserve, literally next door, pale ales from a Stockport micro brewery & the ubiquitous Elbow ale, a well thought out drinks selection complemented the food really, really well.

But fish & chips isn’t just what Fish Bait is about. If you’re a fan of seafood, then this takeaway/eat in restaurant on Burton Rd, might just become a regular haunt. We sampled the soft shell crab, the salt & pepper squid and the mori tempura (lightly battered seasonal vegetables – we had courgettes & asparagus – and succulent king prawns), followed by bananas & banoffee ice cream. But, let the pictures tell the story…

2013-05-18_0003We’ll be bringing you a lot more news about Fish Bait over the coming weeks, but in the meantime, we’d definitely recommend you pay a visit to the latest independent on the West Didsbury block.

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