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Finally… The Metro’s A-Coming To Didsbury

May 16, 2013

That’s right – we’ve finally got a date for the Didsbury section of the Metrolink. From Thursday 23rd May – 5.49am if you fancy a trip on the first tram – Chorlton will very soon be easily accessible from Didsbury (and vice versa) and there’ll be an alternative way to get into town.  Perhaps more importantly though, for the businesses who work extremely hard to keep going in tough times, it’ll mean that people can get into both Didsbury Village and West Didsbury, more easily – and hopefully, without always having to use the car for the journey.

So, if you don’t already, why should you visit Didsbury? Well, there are lots of reasons…

If greenspace and parkland is what you fancy, we’ve got the stunning Fletcher Moss Park and Gardens, Marie Louise Gardens, Didsbury Park and Fog Lane Park. For sporting pursuits, there’s The Northern Lawn Tennis Club (with a new tram stop right outside), The Albert Club with its tennis and bowling facilities, three golf clubs – Withington, Northenden & Didsbury – all very close to Didsbury, the sports centre at MMU, Withington Baths & Leisure Centre, as well as numerous Boot Camps, yoga classes, pilates classes and running clubs. If festivals tick your boxes, we’ve got plenty of those too – WestFest (31 August & 1 Sept) in West Didsbury, Didsbury Arts Festival (across Didsbury & West Didsbury 22nd – 30th June), The Albert Club Beer Festival (6th – 9th June), The Didsbury Beer Festival (31st Oc – 2nd Nov), The Albert Club Book Festival (29th May, 2nd June & 4th June), The Reserve Wine Festival (July 4th), Cavfest (21st Sept) and LightFest (December date to be confirmed).

Didsbury & West Didsbury is also fast becoming renowned for amazing places to eat, drink & socialise. It’s down to personal opinion what people think about this, but it can’t be argued that we have a real range of choice and with the majority of bars and restaurants being one-off and independent, you’ll generally be guaranteed of a unique experience…

2013-05-16_0003 2013-05-16_0004 2013-05-16_0005 We’re also really lucky to have retail businesses which again are largely independent. Given all of the doom & gloom we hear every day re our high streets, the retailers in Didsbury & West Didsbury really do seem to be bucking the trend. OK, so some do come and go, but not all go because they are failing. Some move to other areas, focus on online selling – or simply decide to have a change. So, here’s another reason why you should get on the tram and get yourself acquainted with our Didsbury indie retail gems…

2013-05-16_0008 2013-05-16_0009 2013-05-16_0010Now that we’ve given lots of reasons to hop on the tram and visit Didsbury, you can always keep up to date with what’s going on through Didsbury Life and by following us over on Twitter.

As well as Didsbury House Hotel and Eleven Didsbury Park, we’ve also now got a very beautiful new place to stay if you’re planning on a bit of a mini-break. Check out here what 129Didsbury has to offer.

Details about the Didsbury Metro can be found here.

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