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A Taste of Venice…

April 27, 2013

Cibo Restaurant has been popping up on our Twitter feed for a while now – and we’ve been intrigued by the “Venetian” influences which have been referenced a lot, with the website stating that they have

…gone back to basics serving rustic, mostly Northern Italian cuisine…

So we were looking forward to trying out the menu last week and discovering if it was all that we’d anticipated.

It was a preview evening and was very, very busy – but it never felt rushed. We were greeted very warmly by the staff – but it didn’t feel gushing, or just for show. It felt genuine – and if that’s going to be the norm, they’ve got some cracking staff. There’s an extensive cocktail menu – and even with the bar being as busy as it was, the staff still took the time to explain & recommend. And very delicious the cocktails were too…

Food is served “tapas” style – and without exception, every dish we tried was exceptional. The best thing about this kind of sociable, sharing style of eating (a la our old favourite, Pinchjos), is that you get to try dishes you wouldn’t normally opt for. We shared tuna carpaccio, lamb & pistaccio meatballs, monkfish, mixed clams & mussels, mozzarella & mushroom pizzette, zuccini fritte and some astonishingly tasty pasta dishes – gnocci with venison ragu, ravioli lobster and rigatoni with dolcelatte and spinach. The speed of service was also timed to perfection – the table never groaned but also we were never waiting. Sadly, we were enjoying the food just a little too much to remember to take many photographs, so you’ll just have to take our word for how good it was and go. In the meantime, and with apologies for quality…

So, Cibo – if things continue as on the preview evening, this new addition to Didsbury village should certainly succeed. The best thing is, it doesn’t seem to be setting itself up in competition to any of the established restaurants. It seems to be providing something  different from what we already have – which can only be good. A big thank you to the staff too, who seemed entirely unflappable throughout – another good sign!

Go try – we don’t think the food will disappoint…

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