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A Community Pulling Together…

January 27, 2013

Community is something that is very important to us here at Didsbury Life. Whether it’s our independent businesses, friends or events such as WestFest, it’s a massive part of why we choose to live & work in Didsbury. It’s maybe not that important to everyone, and that’s fine, but we love the fact that in our community, people do generally pull together & support each other.

And this was very evident this morning, when a group of people – from toddlers to OAPs  – gathered outside Withington Baths to show that, as a community, we don’t want to lose our leisure facility in the latest round of council cuts. We all know that difficult decisions have to be made. We all know, that for whatever reason, the funding pot is getting more and more squeezed. But we all also know that sometimes, when people work together – as a community – things can happen. And this morning, outside Withington Baths, in the freezing cold, it was very nice to know that a group of very different people, could all come together & maybe start making things happen…

2013-01-27_002 2013-01-27_003 2013-01-27_004 2013-01-27_005 2013-01-27_006 2013-01-27_008

For latest up dates on meetings, news etc, check our article on Didsbury Life which is updated regularly. Follow the campaign on Twitter and find over on Facebook.

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