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Meet The Didsbury Bicycle Doctor…

October 16, 2012

We’d like to introduce you to Iman Van Den Bout, South African born and now Didsbury based, bicycle doctor. Iman approached us about helping us to spread the word about his services – giving the bicycles of South Manchester a bit (or in our case, a lot) of TLC. He came to see the Didsbury Life bicycle which has been sorely neglected – not by me, as I never ride it, so it’s not my fault Iman rode off on a very sorry looking bike…

Pre - The Bicyclist

Pre – The Bicyclist

As well as being filthy dirty, the brakes were worn, the cabling needed replacing and the gears were almost non-existent. We’d thought the only answer was a new bike, but Iman assured us he’d seen – and restored – much worse, to its former glory. And, true to his word, the next day, the bike was brought back – and as good as new as it could possibly be. Gleaming, polished, brakes done, gears sorted, cabling fixed and tightened. A new bike…

Post - The Bicyclist

Post-The Bicyclist

If you have a bicycle in need of a bit of TLC, this is what Iman did :

  • Full stripdown and clean service – the bicycle was taken apart down to the bare frame, cleaned and put together again while all bearing surfaces such as the wheel hubs, the front fork and the bottom bracket were cleaned and inspected and new bearings put in;
  • All cables were replaced – two brake and two gear cables (including both the cable and the cable housing);
  • The brake blocks were replaced. In this instance, the freewheel that contains the gears on the back wheel was also replaced along with the chain because they were worn;
  • The gears were adjusted to change smoothly and quickly and the brakes were adjusted to give plenty of stopping power.

Iman covers the Didsbury/Chorlton area and is awaiting delivery of a trailer so that he can transport your bicycles quickly and easily. A very green service all round – and very highly recommended. If you would like The Bicyclist to take care of your two wheels, call him on 07834 762242. (A full service costs £40.00 exc VAT, and parts are charged additionally. Iman collects and drops off bicycles at your home/place of work).

The Bicyclist, Didsbury

The Bicyclist, Didsbury

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