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A Very Gassy Tale…

May 15, 2012

Honestly, we’re not being lazy! We will get back to blogging ourselves, but this is another little something that we thought we’d like to share with you, because it illustrates just how lovely people are. This is written by Jo, who heads up LifePA, about her experience with Mark, of the about-to-open-very-gorgeous-Stove-Room

It was a Friday morning like any other, except I’d been in hospital on the Thursday and was sleeping off the sedation I’d had, whilst the in –laws looked after the children. I was woken by my lovely mother in law who was somewhat stressed as they could smell gas in the hallway, and it was strong. They called the emergency gas peeps who promptly came round said ‘Yes, very significant leak’, told me it was somewhere in the internal pipe work, capped off the gas and gave me a helpdesk number to assist me in finding a corgi registered plumber in the area. Well blinking heck, not exactly what you need.

After much stressing and a bit of swearing I called my colleague Helen at DidsburyLife as I’d bumped into the lovely Mark and Nicola who are opening The Stove Room on Burton Road. Helen would definitely have their number and ‘Stoves’  must be connected with gas. Surely? Maybe Mark could help me out.

Two quick calls later and Mark was round *even* though he was in the middle of getting his shop ready! He checked everything obvious and came up with a few suggestions, and then began the slow process of checking every single bit of pipe work in the cellar and kitchen. Bless him, he had a prior appointment and had to dash off, but was back with loads of bits of solder and elbow bits of pipe and at 7:30 on a FRIDAY NIGHT he found the leak, sorted it and then tested it all to make sure my young family were safe before he went home to his own young family. What a star! A fantastically kind man, who really helped me out in a huge crisis. Definitely an independent business man that you can trust!

So there you have it. A brand new business opening on Burton Road, West Didsbury – and already a real part of the community. We couldn’t be any happier that our lovely office is now the new home for such fab people!

The Stove Room, West Didsbury

The Stove Room, West Didsbury

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