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For Megan…

March 11, 2012

Really simple blog post this one.

Megan is the 12 year old daughter of  Ray & Diane who we’ve known for years. Last year, she was diagnosed with a very aggressive form of bone cancer. As well as chemotherapy, she has had the lower half of her right leg amputated.

Another of our friends, Keith, who is Megan’s godfather, is doing two half marathons to raise funds for charities who have supported Megan, big brother Jack and Ray & Diane through an unimaginable nightmare.

Please read what Keith has to say, and if you feel you can support, that would be amazing. If not, just give Megan a little thought…

My best and oldest friend Ray, is my eldest daughter’s god father and I am his daughter Megan’s god father. Ray and I go back a long way! Megan was diagnosed with ‘Ewing’s Sarcoma’, a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer, on the 1st April last year, aged 11 years old.

She would have to undergo seven chemotherapy treatments, typically she would lose all her hair, and after she completed all the chemotherapy there would be a chance she could lose her leg. Sadly that is exactly what happened and in September 2011, having just turned 12 years old, she was given an above knee amputation of her right leg.

It has been an amazingly tough time for her Dad Ray, Mum Diane and big brother Jack, but they are all ‘salt of the earth’ people and have dealt with this whole horror story with amazing bravery, but none so bravely as Megan. Ray tells me stories of how uncomplaining and stoical Megan has been, and accepting of her plight. There have obviously been dark days, as you would expect. However last week Megan was told by her Consultant to “get back to school”, which she has done and recently there have been some happier moments along the way.

Due to the number of wonderful charities to help kids like her, Megan has had a few real highlights of late. She has been to watch Liverpool play at Anfield, in a hospitality box… a dream come true for Ray who went too! She has met Simon Cowell at ‘Britain’s Got Talent’, and I believe is soon to go to London for a days shopping, all provided by “Make a wish” type charities. Not to mention meeting Princess Kate on a recent visit to Alder Hey hospital.

As you can imagine, at 12 years old, it is an enormous stigma to return to school wearing a wig, and to be visibly on a prosthetic leg. However, Ray and Diane are just relieved to have their daughter alive and well and Megan now just wants to get on with her life! When she leaves school she has no doubt what she wants to be…a children’s cancer nurse.

As a friend of Ray, you do what you can by phone or on a brief visit, but it does leave you wishing you could do more. Well I am! I am running 1 marathon over 2 weekends (fortunately I missed the application date for the London Marathon). The Bath 1/2 is on the 11th March and the Liverpool 1/2 on the 18th March.

Ray has told me that the small charitable organisation of ‘CHICS’ in Merseyside have been wonderful in helping them get through this nightmare, and have given great support to them all. Cancer research is also a must on my list of the registered charities.

Megan, when she turns 18, would like a custom made prosthetic leg. These have to be bought independently. Ray and Diane are in the process of setting up a charity to help raise money for her bespoke leg. I have set up a ‘Just Giving’ page for donations to the registered charities should you wish to donate –

Megan, weather allowing, will be there to cheer me over the finish line in Liverpool on the 18th March, but really it is me who will be cheering her over her finish line!

Thank you for your time –

Keith James”

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