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The Kids Are Alright…

February 21, 2012

Sometimes, kids get a bad press. I know this from first hand experience. I was a teacher for 17 years and saw/heard/felt first hand how, whatever they did, there was always someone ready to put them down. What a shame.

I gave up teaching to focus on our business here, but still have connections in the world of teaching.  So, when I received this email today, I KNEW the effect it would have :

Hi Helen,
The kids found an amount of cash on Burton Rd whilst walking back from swimming.  We’ve got it in school, is it worth putting something on the DL website to ask if whoever lost it wants to contact school at , tell us exactly how much they think they lost and if it matches we’ll hand it back? If no-one claims it we can put it into our Sports Relief collection in March. Cheers Janet x

See here what we put out today. Faith restored in the kids, I think…

Cavendish Primary, West Didsbury

Cavendish Primary, West Didsbury

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