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That Was The Week That Was…

January 29, 2012

Well, we finally got our WeAreLife website fixed this week – still not 100% but 98% better than it was this time last week, after a friendly hacker decided to have a go at “improving” it. Design website almost restored, meant that a bit more of a normal kind of life could resume this week.

But it didn’t feel very “normal” when we headed off  to The Mechanics Institute on Wednesday evening, to hear Dave Haslam doing one of his close-up and personal interviews. With David Miliband. To be honest, it doesn’t feel particularly normal to be up close & personal with the likes of  Terry Hall or Jarvis Cocker, but David Miliband? Whatever your political persuasions, if you are into politics, it’s not a normal situation to be sitting, just a few feet away, while someone who could/should/will/won’t (delete as appropriate) be leader of one of the main political parties, tells you about his relationship with his brother. The Leader of the Opposition. Slightly surreal for a Wednesday evening.

David & Dave

David & Dave

Thursday saw a bit of relaxation – through our Twitter account we see so many amazing comments about The Rose Garden. Having done their website and uploaded menus and photographs we are often subjected to the mouth watering dishes on offer – but via a computer. So, on Thursday, we decided to knock off early and do it for real. The early evening menu is utterly amazing – it does change regularly but each time we’ve been, the quality is unbelieveably good. The main menu also has weekly changes –  one of the dishes to look out for, as long as you’re not veggie, is squirrel nutkin…

Rose Garden, Scotch Egg

Rose Garden, Scotch Egg

This week has also mostly been about reminding people that although Burton Road is partially closed and there’s a diversion in place, ALL businesses are still open. Times are tough and sometimes we just need to be reminded that there are businesses out there, doing brilliant things and offering fab services – and to coin a phrase from one business whose aim seems to be to total and utter monopolisation – “every little helps”…

West Didsbury

West Didsbury

And talking of businesses, there’s a lovely newcomer on Burton Road – A Taste Of Honey. Packed full of fresh produce – cold meats, cheeses, olives, breads, pies, pastries, cakes and a good stock of vegetables – this is a lovely new independent addition to West Didsbury. Go check out if you haven’t done so already…

A Taste of Honey, West Didsbury

A Taste of Honey, West Didsbury

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