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A Night At North Star Deli

January 24, 2012

So, I wasn’t quick to either download my photos or write this blog – and that means that my best lines were taken! Yes, North/South Food, I’m looking at you and your headline, and bloomin’ Liz Gregory and her “Supper Club Mash-Up“. Lesson learnt – strike while the iron’s hot…

Intros from Deanna...

Intros from Deanna...

So, it’s all been said very eloquently in the two blogs mentioned. All it really leaves me to say, as someone who just loves food, wine and great company, is that this Supper Club ticked all of the boxes. After being greeted on arrival with fizz and canapes – poppy seeded macaroons filled with smoked salmon and cream cheese, and rabbit empanadas – we felt that this might not be a vegetarian feast. Both were amazingly delicious – the sweetness of the macaroons at first tasted quite at odds with the well, salmony tasting salmon, but within no time, had me wondering why I’d never considered these flavours together before. And the rabbit empanadas – well, let’s just say I’m glad I wasn’t coming home to look Peter Rabbit in the eye. Delicious. Gone too quickly. And, hence no photographs…

Each course was accompanied by two glasses of complementary wines – it all seemed very decadent, especially when genial wine connisseur, Joe, from The Diablo Supper Club kept refilling the glasses, but again, like the macaroons and the salmon, something we quickly got used to.

So, what did we have to eat and drink? For starters, a trio of scallops on a bed of puy lentils and tomatoes, sitting in a pool of shimmering Chardonnay sauce, accompanied by a Casillero del Diablo Chardonnay and a Reserva Privada Sauvignon Blanc, the former being the perfect partner.

North Star Deli,Chorlton

North Star Deli, Chorlton

The main course was a winter delight – although, again vegetarians may want to look away at this point. Thick, juicy and succulent slices – and when I say slices, I mean a good sized four or five slices per person – of venison, which had been marinading in Cabernet Sauvignon prior to cooking, sitting on top of a bed of savoy cabbage and with a rich red wine sauce and accompanied by a Venison Hunter’s Pie, topped with mashed celeriac. Seriously, divine. And washed down with perfectly temperate Shiraz and Carmenere, the latter being the hit on our table.

North Star Deli, Chorlton

North Star Deli, Chorlton

Dessert was sublime – a Blood Orange Tart, which we were warned was sweet. Very sweet. And accompanied by a dessert wine, which was making its UK debut – the Casillero del Diablo Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc. I expected a sugar rush, but was pleasantly surprised that my teeth didn’t fall out and that dessert and wine were in fact – perfect.

So, all in all a real treat of a night. Fabulous food. Wonderful wine. And lovely company spent with old friends and putting some faces to some familiar Twitter names. Huge thanks to Deanna and the team at North Star Deli and Joe and Briony from the Diablo Supper Club.

North Star Deli & Diablo Supper Club

North Star Deli & Diablo Supper Club

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