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Who knew that broadband was *this* fragile…?

December 21, 2011

You might be under the misguided impression that the “internet” is a robust thing. A thing which seems to appear by magic and enables you to do all manner of wonderful things. A thing which enables you to communicate, learn, create, befriend. In the right hands, a good thing.

You might also think that a company who you pay money to, on a regular basis, for said internet, would hopefully provide it on a basis which is slightly more than erratic. Or, when there is a fault, that the people employed by that company might a) be arsed about the problem and b) have a smidgen of knowledge that might help resolve the problem.

But, no. Because we’re talking about Virgin Media. Now they’re probably no worse – and no better – than any other company out there, so I’m not specifically having a go at them. It’s just that we have the misfortune of having inherited them (or rather NTL who were then taken over) when we bought the house. So, this could probably be about any of them, because I guess they all have a similar attitude to their customers.

So, anyway to cut a long story short. We have broadband. We don’t have broadband. Reboot. No change. Call call centre. Reboot. No change. Request engineer. Virgin Media don’t do engineers. Bang head off wall. Repeat process. Repeatedly.

But tonight – a breakthrough! After going through the steps above – AGAIN – with my new friends at the call centre, I happened to mention that this problem didn’t seem to be isolated to just us. Having spoken to neighbours, they were experiencing similar.

Neighbours? Neighbours you say? – the call centre was almost alight. And why? Well, this was PROOF that it couldn’t possibly be anything to do with Virgin Media. It was all down to INTERFERENCE from our neighbours… Or, possibly because the person on the other end of the phone felt that they needed to offer slightly more proof, it could also be due to interference from our… washing machine.

So now you know. If you are experiencing an interruption in your broadband service, do not be silly enough to think it could have anything to do with the provider. No, the fault is all yours…and your own interference 🙂

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