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The Family is Growing…

November 19, 2011
Didsbury Life

Didsbury Life

A while ago, it all started with Didsbury Life. We wanted to provide an online resource for both businesses and people who wanted to interact with the businesses and generally find out what was going on in and around Didsbury. Of course, there have been the detractors. People who seem to take great pleasure in making capital out of the fact that we charge – my view though is, if you’re providing a quality service, don’t undermine it by giving it away. Unless invited, I would never assumne that if I ate a meal in a restaurant, it would be free. Equally, I wouldn’t book a hair cut and expect it to be free. What we do works for most people. Check out what people have said about Didsbury Life. If what we do doesn’t fit with you, there’ll be something out there that does…



Next up came WeAreLife – our design agency that runs alongside Didsbury Life. From doing little bits of design work, we’ve grown into a “proper” agency and what’s so fab about what we do, is that many of our clients are part of Didsbury Life. And, if they’re not when they come to us, they soon realise that having a marketing arm like Didsbury Life is pretty powerful, and so usually become part 0f the “family”.



WestFest is us as well. Working with small independents made us realise very quickly that on our doorstep, we have some pretty unique businesses and that we should provide an annual opportunity for them to celebrate what they do. So, our annual festival of all things lovely in West Didsbury started in Sept 2009 and has gone from strength to strength. It’s brilliant for the businesses who engage and it’s brilliant for visitors. Result 🙂



DidsburyPA is us, too. It’s a service we offer whereby we can step in and provide admin support to small, independent businesses who need a hand, but just don’t have the resources to employ another person. Sad, because  wouldn’t it be great to employ more people? But the reality is that often this help is only often needed intermittently or on an ad-hoc basis. And that’s what we do at Didsbury PA.

And now, after lots of testing of the waters, we’re doing it all again. You might have seen the following Twitter accounts springing up…

Yup. It’s us. And it’s us, because what we do works. It’s because we passionately believe in the independent businesses we work with. Because we passionately believe we can offer a whole lot more than just a listings directory. Because we passionately believe in the power of COMMUNITY.

And the reason we know this?

Because WE are a small, independent business and what we are doing now is all of those things that we’d wished were around when we started up…

(Chorlton Life has now gone live. The other “Lives” are currently operating as Twitter accounts, with subsequent sites being released over the next few months…)

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