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A Farm Shop Has Come To Didsbury

November 12, 2011

The Artisan Meat Company opened its doors in Mottram St Andrews last year, and has gone from strength to strength. Founded on the core principle of sourcing as much of the produce as locally as possible, it has remained true to its roots and now much of the meat comes from animals reared on their own land.

This weekend, the second shop opened in Didsbury – fittingly named The Didsbury Village Farm Shop. The same people are behind this shop, as the Mottram shop, but this time with the addition of Chris Andrews. If you don’t know him, you soon will. He LOVES fruit and veg, as much as Mark (chief butcher) LOVES his steaks and sausages and chickens. A great combination 🙂 You may know Chris – he’s the “Fruit & Veg” guy from the local markets. He of the amazing tomatoes, purple carrots, goose eggs etc and you now get all of these ingredients from the Farm Shop.

So, the doors opened this weekend, and we think the shop will be a fabulous addition to Didsbury. OK, you can get fruit, veg and meat already in Didsbury, but how much better that another independent has taken an empty unit, therefore minimising the opportunity for yet another chain to set up. Especially in light of the news that Tesco is about to open up another store in Didsbury…

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