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Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain…

November 5, 2011

After an unseasonably warm autumn – still no heating on! – I was pretty sure that no hat and a flimsy jacket would be OK as we set off for the annual Cavendish Bonfire event. At least I’d changed sandals for boots, so I felt I was pretty togged up for the event. However, having to stop off in Mary & Archies to get out of the rain, didn’t bode too well and showed that my preparations were somewhat lacking and misjudged…

By the time we arrived at the school field, it was remiscent of Cavfest. Torrential rain, bedraggled visitors, but lots of excitement in the air. The fire was splendidly huge – those call outs for wood had obviously worked! Chinese lanterns floated away into the West Didsbury night sky, looking very enigmatically beautiful…

However, the downpour proved a technical challenge for my (very) amateur photographer status. Settings were all over the place, the camera was soaking wet, and it was actually difficult to see through the viewfinder as the rain poured down from myhead onto the camera. So, apologies for state of pictures – some are of the slightly hallucenogenic variety. But that was all down to the rain. Promise…

Like CavFest, this was another amazing event organised by our local primary school. It was clearly a huge team effort on behalf of the school and the PTA – and what a success! But, then Cavendish, as we all know, do things a little bit differently 🙂

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