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CavFest – Too Cool For School

September 30, 2011
CavFest 2011

CavFest 2011

As we’ve said before, we don’t think there will be that many school PTAs brave enough to organise a fund raising, full on music festival. But Cavendish do things a little bit differently, and so by the time Saturday 17th September arrived, it seemed perfectly normal to be heading off to see a load of bands performing on a school field. Only in Didsbury, as some might say… 🙂

There were many highlights to the day and hopefully the images below will capture some of them. But some notable moments, for me at least, include The Gypsies of Bohemia, meeting up with some very, very dear friends whose son was playing in The Curve. A brilliant band and not one of them a day over 13. Seriously. Seeing James again – and despite reservations that James just can’t be James without Tim Booth, let me tell you that Tom Hingley was an amazing stand-in. The Suns, Daystar and Rainband, brought to the party by our friend, photographer Steve Campbell, were all phenomenal. We even had a flying visit from Ms Manchester herself – Rowetta – straight from Ramsbottom Festival. You could tell she enjoyed Cavfest a whole lot more 🙂

So, over to the images, because they really speak for themselves…

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It was a real community event with many local businesses helping to create a festival market – but more of this in the next blog…

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