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Afternoon Delights

September 15, 2011

Yesterday afternoon was a lovely afternoon indeed. After an absence of nearly 20 years, and thanks to catching up on Twitter, I finally met up with my old mate Darren, over in Manchester to cover the Manchester City v Napoli game for CanalPlus. We spend a good few leisurely hours over in Folk Didsbury, reminiscing and filling in the many gaps from the last two decades.

Then, back to the office to find that two boxes of cakey delights had been collected from And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon. A tweet earlier in the day had asked for taste testers to sample new flavours – and we thought it would be rude not to 🙂

So, with a lovely cup of tea to accompany, we set about sampling and here’s our verdict. (Please ignore our presentation – we were too eager to get stuck into the cakes…)

The Grass Hopper

The Grass Hopper

We were intrigued by this one, just going by the name – however, any concerns that insects may have formed part of the ingredients were soon banished when we realised it was actually a triple layered chocolate cake, with a gorgeous ganache filling sandwiching the layers together and topped of with the lightest, most scrumptious mint icing. First one – a winner.

Blackberry Cup Cake

Blackberry Cup Cake

Next to sample was the blackberry cupcake. This was the one, just by appearance alone, that I thought I would prefer least. Pink icing often = over sugary and a bit sickly. But not at all with this little blush pink beauty. The jaunty sitting blackberry should have given me a clue. There was a real zing to this cake, both in the moist, but light sponge, and in the icing. The taste of blackberries was really evident, too. Another winner.

Chai Tea Cake

Chai Tea Cake

After a breather, we soldiered on with another pot of tea and an enormous slice of the curiously named Chai Tea Cake. One of the ingredients of this cake is chai tea, brewed in milk, we’ve subsequently discovered – hence the name, which now isn’t curious at all. The cake had the trademark light Dishes and Spoons sponge, which was laced with ginger, and topped off with ginger icing. This might sound like an overload of ginger, but it honestly wasn’t. It was really subtle and perfect with a cup of Earl Grey!

Apple Pie & Custard Cup Cake

Apple Pie & Custard Cup Cake

Now, talk about leaving the best till last! The Apple Pie & Custard Cup Cake wasn’t actually eaten until much later as, quite honestly, I couldn’t face any more cake in the afternoon. No matter how delicious. However, once tasted, I predict that this will be the hit cake of the autumn. The custard was definitely in there, but this one can almost be touted as a very healthy cake option, because of the luscious slices of apples, hidden away in the sponge.

So, very difficult to rank order the samples, but would have to say overall winner would be the Apple Pie & Custard Cup Cake. Form an orderly queue when they go on sale…

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