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It’s WestFest Weekend…

September 3, 2011

It seems like no time since West Didsbury launched the very first WestFest – a weekend where the independent businesses put on a bit of a show and have a chance to let their collective hair down. The last two years have been fantastic occasions, and we’re really hopeful that our third event will be the best yet.

Businesses are really going to town this year and it’s amazing to see the effort some are putting in. In times when things are hard for small, independent enterprises, it’s brilliant to see such a positive response from a very joined up community.

And talking of a community, West Didsbury isn’t just about the businesses. It’s also about the residents. And there are lots of us.

So, if you are heading over to support the event and have a generally fab time, could we just ask that you remember the residents too? If you’re coming by car, please don’t park outside someone’s house on the side roads. Please try not to park on the main roads as they’ll probably be quite busy. Instead, there’s a HUGE, under-used public car park at Withington Hospital. The entrance is on Nell Lane and it’s free to park for 30 minutes, then only £2.00 to park ALL DAY.

To get an idea of what’s going on, check out the WestFest site – there’s no calendar of events because the festival’s not about timed events. It’s about you being able to pop in & out of the shops, bars, restaurants and salons and enjoy the events – at your leisure 🙂

WestFest 2011

WestFest 2011

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