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Summer – WestFest Style…

August 31, 2011
Summer Holidays

Summer Holidays

Bear with us on this one…

Who remembers British summers from the ’70s? Long. Hot. Six weeks that seemed to last an absolute eternity. Probably holidaying in somewhere in the UK. Children’s TV that was *good*. “Summertime Special” on a Saturday evening.

Summer now, anyone? Probably for most people a lovely holiday. Or, at the very least a festival. And that’s what summer has probably come to mean for us and the independent businesses in West Didsbury for the last three years. WestFest has become our own festival – and we’re VERY proud of it. We’re really proud of the fact that a group of businesses work together to put on a real event for customers, clients and visitors and really wave the flag of independence.

And, do you know what? NOTHING is going to spoil that. If it rains, it rains. If it’s a bit cold, put a jumper on and get over it. Come out and support the people who make West Didsbury what it is. Different. Unique. Quirky. Bohemian. Interesting.

So, this is a summer festival with a difference. This is a festival that is about showing that we support independent business. It’s a festival about mooching around West Didsbury, perhaps investigating places you’ve never really investigated before. It’s about getting to know those business owners and staff, who day in and day out, are there.

So, those long, hot summers that we might have enjoyed as kids may be long gone, but that spirit of independent enterprise, is still alive & kicking.

And, even if it’s raining, we can still enjoy those pleasures of the past with the Burton Rd Beach, the Great British Picnic, the Great British BBQ, a fabulous event celebrating TEA, a pie & mash fest…

For details of full events, see the WestFest site – and hope to see you, over the weekend, enjoying our fabulous festival. West Didsbury, 2011, style…

WestFest2011 - Celebrating West Didsbury's Spirit of Independence

WestFest2011 - Celebrating West Didsbury's Spirit of Independence

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