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Independents’ Day – Monday 4th July

July 1, 2011

There’s a lot of stuff out there on the internet & twitter about “independent” businesses. There’s lots of support for “independent” businesses too. Which is great, because as we’ve said before,  it’s bloody hard being an independent business at the moment. So, it’s great that Monday 4th July has been designated RETAIL INDIE DAY – an opportunity for us to support the independent high street.

The homepage of our Life websites sets out our stall – we are advocates of independents, because independents are the beating hearts of our comunities. Over to Jeanette Winterston –

I like a neighbourhood, and that is not the same as a road leading to a supermarket… I don’t like the chilly world of corporate retail – not the food shops, not the bookshops, not the chain stores. I prefer individuality and eccentricity and self-determination – all the things the free market is supposed to deliver and never does, because markets soon become homogenous and anti-competitive…

But, we don’t just spout support for independents. We ARE an independent business. No one backs us. No one funds us. Like ALL of the businesses we work with, we fund ourselves. And, over the coming weeks, you’re going to see a BIG change. We’ll be continuing to support & promote – but do you know what? We’re doing what we’ve been telling independents to do via Didsbury Life. Diversify…

So, for us MONDAY 4th JULY is a big day – for independents. For Silver Apples, latterly of Burton Rd, & us – watch this space…

Support your local independents

Check out as well our annual celebration of West Didsbury independent businesses – WestFest. Sorry if you’re an independent (or not) and fancy a slice of this – the whole point is to support & promote those businesses who trade day in & day out in West Didsbury…

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  1. July 2, 2011 7:29 am

    *waves huge flag for independent businesses* Sian xx

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