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Just *how* long did it take to plan the Royal Wedding?

June 2, 2011
A bit of a wedding...

A bit of a wedding...

So,Kate & Wills finally tied the knot… It was a bit on/off wasn’t it?

Bet they kept the appointed wedding planners very much on their toes. But – to be fair, it had been on the cards for quite a long time. However stressful to all involved, at least they’d had a bit of notice. I mean, if you’re the future King of England, any romantic liaison will send wedding people into overdrive, surely…

But, what if you’re not the future King of England – but have a BIG romantic ideas?

So, let us introduce you to Alex, a long standing client. He came to meet us, to introduce us to a  friend of his who was setting up a business & who we might be able to help in terms of promotion. Meeting done & dusted, we got chatting. We hadn’t seen Alex for a while. We’d moved Didsbury Life along. Established WeAreLife. Etc etc etc. Then he  told us he was getting married. Congratulations all round.

Now, we need to explain about Alex. We met him as a young entrepreneur. He owned a vehicle body repair garage. Could have been a bit bog standard – but, he thought outside of the box. Anyone remember the graffitied Porsche, parked up in Didsbury Village? That was his idea to promote his company. He used, at the time, the term, “guerilla marketing” & we liked it. Notice no “D” at the end of “Cheating Bastar…”

What attracted us to Alex was that he’d set up his own business, taken a risk, gone out on a limb and done advertising in a way that could have been perceived as a bit mad. But, we went our separate ways. Until we met up again three weeks ago.

He & his fiancee, who, until Monday shall remain nameless – we’ll tell you why in a moment – decided to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. They’ve rented out their Didsbury house. Sold most of their belongings. And are setting off, on Tuesday 7th June, for the journey of a lifetime. A journey which will  involve sourcing unusual/romantic venues in which to get married. To get “married” and to blog about it. Then, return to their most special destination & do it for real….

West Didsbury Secret Wedding

West Didsbury Secret Wedding

So, where so we come in? The day before the meeting with Alex, we’d met with some of the West Didsbury businesses to plan the next Wedding Event. The date was provisionally set for October –  but what what we felt was missing was a real Bride & Groom to show that West Didsbury independent businesses can source a wedding.

Cue Alex – and his “Wedding Mission”. His idea was to get “married” in as many places as possible, across the globe. He & his fiancee would then blog about these places – and return to their favourite, to do it all offically. But, where to start the journey? And that’s where the idea came from. Our local & independent Wedding Fayre needed a  Bride & Groom. The day after our local and independent potential wedding fayre businesses meet, in walks our groom – with a the maddest of ideas… We showed Alex the film, shot by Pearls & Lace, and that was sort of it. We felt that, mad as it seemed, we could, in a THREE WEEK time period, do it!

So – this is where we are now…

Alex proposed, officially, to his fiancee last week, and she said YES. The catch however, is that she knows nothing about what’s been planned for Monday 6th June. Here’s the story…

Second wedding event being planned. We’d like a bride & groom. With a vision – who could help us to promote OUR vision. Out of another meeting, comes Alex & his vision. SLIGHT NO-BRAINER…

Wedding Shot on Burton Rd, Jonny Draper

Wedding Shot on Burton Rd, Jonny Draper

Complication being, we have THREE weeks to arrange a wedding. So, we galvanise West Didsbury into action. Now – West Didsbury businesses  now know us (hopefully) well enough to know that we do we do go with slightly mad ideas, in the hope that MOST, if not ALL, will, come off…

  • “Bride” – seriously, has been kept in dark – has had “fitting” at White Closet, so that she knows her ‘official’ measurements for any “weddings” across the globe. How it happened was that we arranged with “Fiancee” to visit White Closet for a measuring session – Charlotte Balbier (who is going to give “Fiancee” a dress, just ‘happened to be there)… As was Jonny Draper, taking photos, incidentally – as he does. And, Silver Sixpence In Her Shoe,just being there discussing accessories 🙂
  • Blanket email then sent out to West Didsbury businesses, from us, with the proviso, that this is “bonkers – get back within 24 hours“. Those who did, are in… Apologies to those who are still digesting & thinking about it. On this occasion, time wasn’t on our side!
  • S0 – there’s going to be a wedding on Monday 6th June. And, you’re all – seriously – invited, to it…

It must have taken MONTHS (if not, truth be told, YEARS) to plan the latest Royal Wedding. But, West Didsbury has proved, as we always knew we could, that you can pull off a spectacular wedding in less than 3 weeks.


A Vintage English English Wedding - West Didsbury Style...

A Vintage EnglishWedding - West Didsbury Style...

Next blog post tomorrow…

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