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Spring Is In The Air…

April 19, 2011
Thyme Out Deli Garden

Thyme Out Deli Garden

So, it’s that time of year. Spring certainly seems to have arrived. Burton Road bathed in sunshine & it’s been warm enough to have the office door wide open – also meaning that we can hear the lovely early morning music and the late afternoon jollity of people enjoying the increasingly balmy April weather. Our own garden is showing signs of spring – buds coming out and our mad Russian Vine already threatening to take over West Didsbury, as it does every year.

So, having had a particularly busy day in the office, we decided to head off to the “Community Garden” at Thyme Out Deli, on Nell Lane. For those of you who don’t know the story, Ben, owner of Thyme Out decided to “lend” out his allotment plots. Didsbury Life & a group of friends jumped at the chance to experiment getting back to nature – we call it a community garden, because, well, we’re a community working together.

So, tonight was the perfect time to get down & dirty in the garden. We’d sort of given up on our crop of onions and carrots from last year and went along armed with a big spade to just dig ’em out and compost. However, in amongst the rotten debris of last year’s remains, we pulled up these beauties. And, yes, they *are* dwarf carrots. Not failed carrots 🙂

Thyme Out Deli Garden

Thyme Out Deli Garden - therell be a soup to be made out of these...

The borders are already begining to yield great produce – the rhubarb plants are bloody enormous! Big, fat juicy pink & green sticks of rhubarb. Mmmm…

Thyme Out Deli Garden

Thyme Out Deli Garden

Perhaps the best thing about being there this evening was just savouring how tranquil it was. Just around the corner from bustling Burton Road, but literally nothing to be heard apart from the hens and tweeting birds. Perfecto…

Thyme Out Deli Garden

Thyme Out Deli Garden

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