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West Didsbury Parking Scheme Proposals

April 12, 2011

Short blog post from us this time. We’re in the second round of consultation for the contentious parking scheme being proposed for West Didsbury by Manchester City Council. Not ALL affected roads/residents/businesses would appear to have been consulted. The SaveWestDidsbury campaign group (which includes Didsbury Life, amongst others) has tried to get the documents out to as many people as possible, so that everyone who uses West Didsbury and its facilities has a voice. We know that not all will agree with our stance. That’s fine. At least you’re now getting a voice…

Please feel free to comment and add your voice/opinions to some of those we’ve received so far –

Just to let you know, though I’m not a resident, I was making a delivery and found the consultation leaflet. I responded (based partly on a year working at the council call centre talking to people with parking tickets!) pointing out that such schemes are expensive, resulting in escalating fees; and they require constant policing, paid by levying fines – which often arise from misunderstanding the rules, or newly moved in residents without permits. It’s not a money-making scheme, and tickets issued to newcomers are normally cancelled, but it’s still cumbersome and penalises less articulate and less settled members of the community. I imagine people lobbying for this are generally very settled and able to assert their views as representing the community. I pointed out the plan doesn’t address congestion; maybe a one-way system might free up roadspace for parking bays angled to the road instead of parallel. Not sure it would allow many more spaces, but maybe worth looking into properly.


Back in the late 90s, I had the misfortune to live in a Residents’ Parking scheme in Sutton. A couple of observations for those who may be thinking that the proposals for West Didsbury are a good idea; 

1. More permits were issued that there were available spaces, so there was no guarantee of parking in my allocated zone. There were 25 …permits for 10 spaces, resulting in frequently having to pay additional charges to park in a private car park and arguments between residents in a fight for spaces.

2. The price of the permit rose exponentially year on year.

In the proposed West Didsbury scheme, there are already more cars owned by residents that there is capacity for, so 1) will surely apply.

We have had nothing from the council to indicate the longer term pricing proposals


The scheme totally ignores the fact that there is a 500 pupil 3 to 11 primary school in the heart of the community. Any parent/carer parking on either Cavendish or Burton Road would pay up to £100 per year to bring their child to school. 2 Lib Dem councillors have suggested that parents could drop their child and then drive on, leaving the child to walk into school on thier own. How many of you would drop your 3 year old off at the kerb side and drive off? And yes, some parents have to bring the kids to school by car because they then go on to work – that’s life these days.
The scheme also fails to provide for improved road safety measures outside the school on Cavendish Rd, yet includes fine detail such as new bins and seats on Burton Rd. I would like to think that the safety of our pupils is more important than street furniture, but there’s no ebidence in the proposals.


To see further views and comment please visit the website, Facebook page or Twitter account. Consultation ends Friday 15th April.

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