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It’s A Good Life…

March 6, 2011

Our intention is always to try and blog regularly. For us, blogs are like diary entries. They date stamp things – good & bad – which happen and give us arecord of how our business is growing and developing. However, we don’t always get the time that we need to keep updating regularly. It’s been a week since our last blog about the fruit and veg which proved to strike a real chord with many people. So, definitely time to update…

This last week we launched our new design website  – WeAreLife is the sister company to Didsbury Life. As well as working with many of the local independents to promote and support, we also offer a design service. From business cards to e-commerce websites to restaurant refurbishments, WeAreLife can really add another dimension to the services we offer. Don’t just take our word for it – have a look at the work we’ve done for some of our local independents.

Didsbury Life & WeAreLife operate from 212 Burton Road – but we’re also behind a few other projects/concepts you may have heard of, such as WestFest. We’re currently working with a numberof local, independent Didsbury businesses to bring the first West Didsbury Wedding Event on Saturday 19th March and, the following weekend, in conjunction with Manchester Markets, the first West Didsbury Street Market. We’re also working on the promotion of CavFest, with Cavendish PTA, to bring about West Didsbury’s first music festival to raise funds for the school – website coming soon.

DidsburyPA also comes out of 212 Burton Road – this has been launched this weekend & is aimed primarily at small, independent businesses who need a bit of a helping hand on a flexible basis. Behind the scenes, we’ve got one another concept bubbling under – although our lips are sealed on this one at the moment as much work needs to be done before we can start talking about it and promoting it.

So, it may seem like a complicated life – but it’s not really. Just think of 212 Burton Rd as a hub – and out of that hub comes Didsbury Life, WeAreLife, WestFest and DidsburyPA, as well as promotion for The WestDidsbury Wedding Event, CavFest and The West Didsbury Street Market. Life’s not complicated. Life is very good, indeed…

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