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Photography Exhibition at Didsbury Life

February 19, 2011
Peter Rea Exhibition at Didsbury Life

Peter Rea Exhibition at Didsbury Life

If you know us, you’ll know how much we love Twitter. It’s one of our main marketing tools. It’s also brought some lovely new friends our way, and now we’ve found another…

Peter ReaPeter Rea – came to our attention when he was posting a photograph a day for the 365 Project. We’re always on the look-out for people who can exhibit their work at Didsbury Life. We don’t charge for people to exhibit & we don’t take a commission if anything sells. The way we see is that we have unique work on our walls and maybe, in a very small way, we’re giving emerging artists an opportunity to showcase their work.

We also like to think that these exhibitions can lead to other things – and often they do.

We now work regularly with Mark Nelson – recent photography shoots he’s done for us include The Artisan Meat Company, Pinchjo’s & Frog Furniture. Stephen Campbell is now another very special friend, who’s proven invaluable already in terms of the advice he’s already given us in terms of CavFest (more of which very soon…). Amanda McCrann is now another part of our extended team. As well as having done our amazing “Didsbury Life” mosaic, she completed the “West Didsbury” mosaic over WestFest and we’re now planning some Easter workshops. Anita Farkas – moved her works from Didsbury Life to The Eighth Day on Oxford Road and Lawrence Yusupoff still has pride of place in our offices.

So – Twitter has really enabled things to happen and we hope that similar things will happen with Peter. His exhibition has been hung in the office so if you fancy popping in to have peek, you’re more than welcome…

Peter Rea Exhibition at Didsbury Life
Peter Rea Exhibition at Didsbury Life

Peter Rea is a graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University in England, with a Bachelor of Arts honours degree in Illustration with Animation. He grew up by the sea in West Sussex and showed a passion for drawing and art from an early age.

Throughout his childhood, Peter was inspired by artwork from comic books and graphic novels before progressing to portraits and life drawing. He also collected posters and images from various sources to turn his bedroom into one large, ever changing collage.

Peter moved to Manchester in 1998 to attend a sound engineering course and has lived there ever since. The vibrant musical city became a friendly home from home and a great source of inspiration. In 2004, he enrolled in an art foundation course at the Manchester College of Arts and Technology. His enthusiasm for art was revitalized through studying art history, life drawing, printmaking and photography, and by meeting like-minded and talented students from all over the world.

Peter continues to experiment with a wide variety of materials such as multi-media collage, photography, drawing, painting and animation in an attempt to develop original ideas and concepts. His work generally relates to another passion – music. He attempts to fuse an amalgamation of styles and moods, which he subconsciously absorbs from the audio and visual world around him, through the manipulation of colour, texture and dynamic.

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  1. February 20, 2011 1:55 am

    Understated and atmospheric. Really like these.

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