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A Market Is A-Coming to West Didsbury…

February 11, 2011

We don’t need to go into the demise of the Didsbury Market. It was a fantastic opportunity but for a variety of reasons, just didn’t work, at that particular time. However, the people of Didsbury (and beyond), who did want a market, have a second chance…

West Didsbury Street Market

West Didsbury Street Market

Together with some of the independent businesses in West Didsbury (huge thanks to Sarah & Kate from Silver Apples), we’ve been working with Manchester Markets for the last couple of months to try & bring a market to West Didsbury that SUPPORTS our local independent economy.

As local traders, we have absolutely no problem with traders from outside our local economy being part of what can be an amazing venture. We don’t have a fishmonger. We don’t have a fruit and vegetable supplier. We don’t have a beekeeper. We don’t have a butcher. So, there’s lots and lots of scope for other retailers/marketeers to get involved and help us to spread the word about our local community. It’s probably just a case of applying common sense – if you allow “external” traders (and that is meant in the nicest possible sense) AND if they are direct competition for local traders… Well, do you know what? It’s not rocket science!

So, we have very high hopes for our “local” street market. If there’s one thing that West Didsbury traders are, it’s resilient – and we’ll embrace this as a fantastic opportunity which will grow from strength to strength. So, put the date in your diaries – SATURDAY 26th MARCH and then every fourth Saturday thereafter on the forecourt of the Withington Community Hospital. Watch this space for news from the horse’s mouth as we’ll be meeting regularly with Manchester Markets in the run up to the launch of the West Didsbury Street Market…

West Didsbury Street Market

West Didsbury Street Market

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