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A Little Cake Goes A Long Way

February 6, 2011

We came across Katy and Laura, from Didsbury’s Lollicakes, when a shiny box appeared on my desk before Christmas. It was waiting for me when I got back from meeting – nestling inside were six “cake pops”. To be honest, I’d never heard of cake pops (the American name) or indeed, lolli-cakes. However, I was immediately intrigued because the girls behind the cakes-on-sticks had personalised them, each bearing either our logo or the Didsbury Life colours…

Lollicakes - bring Cake Pops to Didsbury

Lollicakes - bring Cake Pops to Didsbury

If someone goes to that much trouble, they’re definitely worth a second look! These little balls of loveliness can best be described as having the consistency and taste of a truffle (the sweet, not savoury, variety) and coated in chocolate. They’re also the perfect size – there are absolutely no feelings of guilt when you have one of these, because after all, they’re just like a lollipop, rather than a cake 🙂

Lollicakes of Didsbury

Lollicakes of Didsbury

Katy & Laura are now part of Didsbury Life and are enthusiatically embracing collaboration with other independent buisnesses. If you happen to have, or be at, a Pamper Party hosted by Claire Louise Mobile Beauty, chances are you’ll leave with a Lollicakes cake-pop in  your goodie bag. The girls also recently provided their cake pops for the recent Charlotte Balbier Designer Weekend at West Didsbury’s White Closet.  They’re also doing a Valentine’s promotion with Ni’elle Beauty Salon in Stockport, as well as their weekly Friday promotions – “Thank Lolli It’s Friday”.

Lollicakes - bring Cake Pops to Didsbury

Lollicakes - bring Cake Pops to Didsbury

Lollicakes - bring Cake Pops to Didsbury

Lollicakes - bring Cake Pops to Didsbury

Our advice is to keep an eye on Lollicakes – as well as their bespoke, designer cakes-on-sticks, they also do some rather mean cupcakes, making them perfect for parties, weddings, hen-dos and corporate events (we’ve heard a little rumour that O2 liked them so much they placed a very big order recently). And of course, the beauty of cake pops is that not only are they almost on the spectrum of health food (being small and delicate), they are also very affordable as little treats for those “me-time” moments.

To find out more about Didsbury’s Lollicakes, visit their website or follow them on Twitter – and remember, a little cake goes a long way…

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