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Community Spirit…

January 16, 2011

OK, we’re not all perfect. I’m certainly not. We can all be guilty of taking easy options and cutting corners in our increasingly hectic lives. But we do have a collective responsibility as part of a wider community. We do have to acknowledge that there are always consequences to our actions, however small and however trivial those actions are. Take this one for instance –

Community Spirit?

Community Spirit?

Despite all of the options for recycling Xmas trees these two trees found themselves chucked out of the back of a house on our road and dumped in the alleyway. We agree that the West Didsbury alleyways probably aren’t the most scenic parts of neighbourhood, but this is just sheer laziness. Who did the householders who just binned them, think would take them away?

Oh – stupid me. People who are this ignorant wouldn’t give it a thought – because someone else will sort it. This is probably what the very same people thought last year –

Decomposing tree from Xmas 2009

Decomposing tree from Xmas 2009

Yep – that’s right. The very same people (although clearly this year joined by another household) chucked this one LAST YEAR and just left it there for a whole year.

And do you know what? All three trees would still be there if we hadn’t moved them on Thursday – rubbish collection day. I would have thought the clue was in  the name! Moved them to the front of the respective houses – and hey presto, the Council took them away. As publicised. Not difficult really. And it was just as well that we did, because there’d have been no room in the alleyway for the empty light fitting boxes that had appeared by the time we came back from the office.

We live in a great area. We have fab bars and restaurants and just about everything we need on our doorstep. Unfortunately, we also have lazy & ignorant people on our doorsteps too.

Thankfully, they’re in the minority in our lovely community. But if there’s any confusion out there  – you never know, they may not be ignorant, they may just not know where to go to the information – then this link to the City Council website may help them get into the community spirit…

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  1. Simon Manning permalink
    January 16, 2011 9:59 pm

    Lazy Bastards! I think you should ‘Name and Shame’, Helen.

    • January 16, 2011 10:51 pm

      If this blog gets certain individuals taking a bit more responsibility, then job done. Don’t know the names – and that’s part of the problem. Little community communication because everyone’s too busy. We’ll keep plugging away though…

  2. January 16, 2011 10:14 pm

    I thought the same thing today as I passed by a few of your alleyways. Not being funny, but I expected more from the residents of West Didsbury. Or is it a case of Fur Coat and No Knickers? Lazy swines.

    • January 16, 2011 10:58 pm

      I know, it’s really difficult to dispose of your own rubbish isn’t it? Just can’t abide such lack of thought. But hey, people do worse than chuck a tree in an alleyway – as we well know 🙂 x

      • Milt permalink
        January 31, 2011 8:47 pm

        My dear, your piety is surpassed only by your solipsism. Am I to understand that you: a self-ordained collator & disseminator of all Didsbury-centric information, are upset that someone minding their own business, living a “normal” life might not be in receipt of such knowledge as when Christmas Trees are collected?

        The attempted fostering of ‘Community Spirit’ while condemning its members’ sloth and stupidity ricochets these complaints right back at yourself. You say you don’t know names & bemoan a lack of “Community Communication”: Oh, that’s right – you were too “ignorant” to learn anything about the people who live there, and too “lazy” to table your concerns with them personally (a simple informative flyer might have sufficed).

        For you to call them “lazy & ignorant” based on the fact that an alley had deposited in it some inoffensively biodegrading organic waste only 10 days after most people take their trees down, betrays a fairly pitiful Victor Meldrew worldview. Who knows what was going on in their lives?

        When abandoned fir tree corpses are the greatest threat facing your community, you might want to re-evaluate what causes are really worth your concern & Ivory Tower internet ire.

  3. January 31, 2011 10:59 pm

    Thanks for your comments, which have been taken on board. You are right. We’re not sure who left the trees in the alleyway. That’s not the point. You’re also right that we don’t know the personal circumstances of whoever “abandoned” them. So, we do apologise if it what was said was personally offensive to you. Although, we don’t know who “you” are…

    In collaboration with the Council, we did try to let people know about know Xmas Tree collections via our “ivorytower Internet”.

    The point is that if everyone dumps debris, whether it’s biodegradable or not, it all adds up to a whole lot of debris. Would have loved to have had this dialogue personally, but as was stated in an earlier response, I don’t know who left the trees in the alleyway.

    Anyway, as you might have seen, trees have now been removed, so hopefully that’s the end of the matter. We’ve moved said offending trees & apologise for any offence caused…


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