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Joining the Didsbury Dots…

January 10, 2011

As we’ve said before in some of our blogs, some people have thought that what we’re doing is a bit mad. Some people think that ALL we do is Didsbury Life. Some people know that we do bits & pieces in Didsbury and do websites. Some people know we’re something to do with WestFest. Some people have absolutely no idea what we do. So, I’m going to try & join the dots…

Burton Road

Burton Road

Our office on Burton Rd is the hub of where it all happens. I largely do the Didsbury Life stuff. The talking to, the collaborating etc. WestFest also gets planned from here. And for those of you who don’t know what WestFest is, it’s simple – a weekend festival to promote the spirit of independence in West Didsbury. It’s hard going in difficult economic times to convince businesses who are, quite simply, knackered with it all, to put on a show. But put on a show they do…

Then we have WeAreLife – a group of very talented individuals who’ve come together to form a design agency. If you’re after a very corporate design agency, don’t come to us. If you’re after shackled designers who have to toe a party line, don’t come to us. However, if you’re after a collective of people who will listen, understand, adapt to your needs – then come to us. Especially if you like to do it all over a cuppa and a cake…

So – that place on Burton Rd, next to Crazy Wendy’s. The one that you pass sometimes and wonder what’s going on there. It’s all happening, so why not pop in and find out more…

Didsbury Life / WeAreLife Design Agency / WestFest – 212 Burton Road, West Didsbury, Manchester  M20 2LQ – 0161 445 7750 –

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