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A Happy New Year from Didsbury Life

January 2, 2011


Well, 2010 was a bit hard, wasn’t it? In lots of ways. Economically it was difficult. Probably like most people, we seemed to be forking out a whole lot of money to utility companies, landlords, mortgage companies, HMRC, odds & sods here and there which all mount up and then irritatingly having to chase and chase certain invoices. Thanks to all of our wonderful clients who did pay up without question – bang on time. You make it worth while!

Politically it was difficult – but the less said about that the better 😦

Weather-wise it was difficult – we’re now officially fed up with non-existent British summers. We’re fed up with putting up with a few days of *warm* weather (I will not go so far as to say *hot* weather) and then back to same old, same old. Although – the weather did perk up a little bit with the Christmas snow!

Work itself was hard – but before you think I’m on a moanfest, let me explain. It was hard because there was lots of it – and we’re spinning a number of plates at the moment. Didsbury Life. Launching Chorlton Life. WestFest. WeAre Life. Teaching. And – trying to fit in actual life. So, hard work = good, but tiring!

However, there were LOADS of fantastic things about 2010:

  • September WestFest which was amazing
  • Earth Hour back in March
  • Working on the rebranding & refurbishment of The Green Tea Restaurant in West Didsbury
  • The beach at Folk Cafe Bar
  • Lovely new independent businesses setting up shop
  • Great times with fabulous friends
  • Two summer weddings
  • WeAreLife coming together & working with local independent businesses (as well as one or two further afield…)
  • Stunning exhibitions at Didsbury Life – notably Mark Nelson, Stephen Campbell & Amanda McCrann
  • Developing real realtionships with some very lovely people on Twitter

So, yes 2010 was hard. But it was also very rewarding. And being the eternal optimist, I know that 2011 will be even better. So, a very happy & prosperous New Year from us, to you!

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