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Claire Louise Mobile Beauty – Nailed…

January 1, 2011
Claire Louise Mobile Beauty

Claire Louise Mobile Beauty

In every job I’ve ever worked in, my hands have been on show. In my student days, pulling pints at The Whitworth Pub (still one of the best jobs, ever…). Post degree, flicking through legal papers for the City Council – yes, seriously! Last 15 years – teaching. Hands always on show…

Problem. I love hand adornments – rings, watches, bracelets. But, I have horrible nails. I put it down to our weather. I go to Greece & within a week I have strong healthy nails. The grow and thrive. But here, my nails are weak & brittle. May seem trivial – but a bit of a metaphor for life perhaps. Give things a chance and they grow and thrive…

So, I’ve spent years with pretty horrible hands but never really considering this to be so terrible. But then Claire, our lovely friend from Claire Louise Mobile Beauty, persuaded me that perhaps it was time to take care of my extremeties.

NOT my hands!

NOT my hands!

There’s something very lovely about being in your own home and being pampered. And Claire knows how to put you at ease – whether you’re doing a solo session or a full on pamper party, she’ll make you very special! She explains what she’s doing. She’s enthusiastic about what she’s doing. And she transforms your hands…

With just a little bit of TLC, she’s given me hands I’m proud to have on show – although I have had to buy a lot of lovely new sparkly rings with which to adorn my new hands…

Courtesy of Claire Louise Mobile Beauty

Courtesy of Claire Louise Mobile Beauty

To find out more about Claire Louise Mobile Beauty click here – or call 07792 554 259 to make an appointment.

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