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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow…

December 18, 2010
XmasWestFest, West Didsbury

XmasWestFest, West Didsbury

It must be something about WestFest, but whenever it happens, the weather is usually on our side. The two September events have seen sunny weather, last year’s Xmas event saw crisp & sunny weather, and this year – well, it couldn’t really be more festive could it. The above was taken last night, and as I type now, there are little flurries swirling around outside.

OK, so there is a downside to snow. Roads blocked, traffic chaos. A friend of ours has just turned back from Liverpool airport because his flight to Barcelona has been cancelled. A couple of weeks ago my sister & her family were actually snowed into their house in the North East so deep was the downfall. However, there is an upside. If it’s not of apocalyptic proportions, snow has that real feel good quality. It’s the icing on the festive cake. And, when it snows for WestFest, well that’s a bit of a result…

Let’s not forget the whole purpose behind the idea of WestFest – an opportunity to promote the independent businesses in West Didsbury. Times are fairly tough for everyone at the moment. We’re currently trying to work towards a solution in terms of the parking problems in West Didsbury that will keep residents happy and which won’t adversely affect traders. Commercial rents have been hiked up in the area – ours has currently gone up by 35% and we are NOT an exception. Cold weather keeps people indoors. Great to sit around your real fire at home, all nice & cosy, but NOT so good for small, independent business owners who are constantly looking for new ways to be innovative and keep your custom.

So, this weekend, is simply an opportunity for people to come out to West Didsbury and have a bit of festive fun – in the snow. It won’t be like our big annual event in September. There probably won’t be the stalls outside shops and restaurants. Who wants to sit & eat a meal in sub-zero temperatures? But, you never know – we’re a hardy lot in West Didsbury! What will be happening is lots of festive cheer, mulled wine, mincepies, music – and snow…

So, a great opportunity to show support for those businesses who enable us to keep a little corner of independence in South Manchester. If you haven’t seen this on our site before, this quote from Jeanette Winterson really sums it all up…

I like a neighbourhood, and that is not the same as a road leading to a supermarket… I don’t like the chilly world of corporate retail – not the food shops, not the bookshops, not the chain stores. I prefer individuality and eccentricity and self-determination – all the things the free market is supposed to deliver and never does, because markets soon become homogenous and anti-competitive.

Why not also have a look at the lovely WestFest story which was written by Rowena Forbes, all about the spirit of independence & collaboration, alive and kicking in West Didsbury…

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