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A Few Nice Things…

December 13, 2010

Sometimes, in the non-stop whirl that seems to be our life at the moment, it’s easy to forget the little things that happen, that really are quite wonderful. We can be consumed by meetings, late payers, end of term madness, suddenly becoming landlords and having to weave our way through yet another minefield. And then, you leave work a bit earlier than usual – and see this…

West Didsbury Sunset

West Didsbury Sunset

OK, so there’ll be the odd, smart-arse detractor out there who’ll sniff, and turn their nose up because this was taken on an iphone using the Hipstamatic app. So what? For once, I was out of school early. Not straight into the office. Not at everyone’s beck and call. I was outside my house – and it wasn’t even dark. And it made me think of lots of other lovely, but to most people, insignificant things, which have happened lately in the world of Didsbury Life. In no particular order…

1. Enjoying an after work drink with lovely friends at a very Christmassy Folk on Friday – friends who we don’t see enough of, but we love it when we do…

Folk Xmas, West Didsbury

Folk Xmas, West Didsbury

2. Meeting with Emma from MillyMog and Katy & Laura from Lollicakes Ltd – always good to talk to people who understand what we mean by collaboration and independence.

3. Having a proper good E-Bay session and clearing out our cellar – space to breathe!

4. Putting the finishing touches to some gorgeous websites – Artisan Meat Company, Ferrious – and soon to be launched, Thyme Out Delicatessen.

5. Working on the next WestFest – and remembering the last one –

XmasWestFest - 18th & 19th December

XmasWestFest - 18th & 19th December

6. Drawing the winners for our competition with And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoons. It’s always good to deliver good news…

Happy Competition Winners (image courtesy of Moregeous)

Happy Competition Winners (image courtesy of Moregeous)

7. Going along to the preview of an Art Exhibition (mad enough in itself in that it was in a West Didsbury semi) and being blown away by a secret gig by John Bramwell –

John Bramwell

John Bramwell

8. Having a night of pampering courtesy of Claire Louise Mobile Beauty – huge thanks for transforming my unloved & uncared for hands into things I was proud to have on show 🙂

9. An evening with Moregeous & Mr M and friends, celebrating M’s birthday and the start of Christmas – can’t beat gorgeous food, lovely people, twinkling candles, fab conversations and many laughs –

Celebrating with Moregeous

Celebrating with Moregeous

10. And – finally, feeling slightly more human after having been floored by hideous winter cold. But , still having to work 😦

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