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Pinchjo’s Raise The Bar

November 25, 2010
Pinchjo's Pinchos Event, West Didsbury

Pinchjo's Pinchos Event, West Didsbury

Well – not literally. The bar appeared to be at normal height last night, for November’s Pinchjo’s Pincho Tasting Evening. But, what was raised, was the inventive nature of the pinchos on offer.

All tables had Pinchjo’s own houmous and flatbread with a really tangy, spicy red onion, carrot, radish and corainder salad. The houmous was quite literally, divine. Crunchy but creamy, spicy but with that lovely chick pea taste – and PLENTY of it! If you know Pinchjo’s, you’ll know the portions are big. And there was no skimping with this treat.

The pinchos were spiked and plated up on the bar, but no need to leave your seat because the ever-attentive Laura was always ready with a fresh offering, direct to the table. New pinchos included:

  • squid with a honey glaze
  • blue cheese (and if you turn your nose up at smelly blue cheese – forget this one! – this was a snack for lovers of strong, pungent cheese with a kick), pine nuts and honey on toasted ciabatta
  • manchego and beetroot
  • beef tomatoes spiked and stuffed with feta cheese, courgette and pine nuts

The attention to detail was amazing – some of the pinchos resembled works of art. We first discovered pinchos a few years ago in a beautiful bar in the Gothic Quarter in Barcelona, called Sagardi. We loved the whole idea of snacks on the bar, Cava, friends and paying for the food according to how many sticks you had left on your plate. It was like the culinary equivalent of the honesty box – and one we hoped would one day catch on around the corner from where we live, so we didn’t always have to hop over to Barcelona – as nice as this is 🙂

So, we’re now VERY delighted that not only is Joe doing it, but better than the lovely Sagardi. With generous portions, fantastic music (it’s not often you get a blast of “White Lines” by Grand Master Flash over fab food these days) and lovely company, these Taster Events are THE place to be once a month. All you need to do, to secure an invite, is to join the Pinchjo’s Mailing List – you can then enjoy as much as you can eat for just £7.00. Please note that drinks are NOT included with the ticket – but we also bet you’ll find it very hard to resist the mulled wine…

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