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Poetry – It’s the new Rock & Roll

November 22, 2010

Spending half of my life teaching poetry, to varying degrees of success and enthusaism-

Hate poetry me, Miss, it’s dead posh…Hate poetry, it’s dead boring…I wanna be a poet, cos it’s dead easy…

– I sometimes used to approach events with the word “Poetry” in the name of the event with some trepidation. I knew I’d have to convince kids that this was a good event. No longer. Someone else at school has the responsibility for doing that. I can now sit back and enjoy. And, where better to sit back and enjoy than Love2Eat Deli with Mike Garry?

Mike Garry at Love2Eat Deli, West Didsbury

Mike Garry at Love2Eat Deli, West Didsbury

OK, so we need to immediately nail our colours to the mast here. We love Mike Garry. He is a poet extraordinaire. If you’ve never experienced his brand of poetry, where’ve you been? He performed at Westfest, as a bit of a “wandering troubadour”. Sounds a bit pretentious, but it worked so well. If you were lucky enough to have been in Thyme Out Delicatessen, Folk Cafe Bar, Silver Apples or Love2Eat Deli, you may have seen him performing. Mancunia at its very best.

Puddle Pea Soup & Smoky Pancetta Wrapped Bread Sticks

Puddle Pea Soup & Smoky Pancetta Wrapped Bread Sticks

The night started well. A gathering of friends, new and old and a complimentary cocktail on arrival – Kir Royale with an appropriate Mancunian twist  – Vimto. Much enjoyed by the girls in the group! Love2Eat is a very intimate dining experience because it is so cutesy and small. Our party numbered fourteen, and there were two other parties in last Saturday, but it never felt over-crowded. It just felt – well, nice and intimate and friendly. Starters arrived and we all felt very satisfied with our Puddle Pea Soup. It’s always good to have food that you know is fresh – this soup tasted of pea-pods. Not often you get that taste these days with our frozen supermarket peas.

Mike performed between courses. He’d had a mixed day. He’d won an Umbro Competition & had secured some pretty phenomenal funding to spread the literary word to boys who weren’t turned on by books ands words. But he’d also found his car had flat tyres and had to sort that on the way to Love2Eat. Not the best way to prepare for a performance. But, in true Mike Garry style, he did it.

Mike Garry performing at Love2Eat Deli, West Didsbury

Mike Garry performing at Love2Eat Deli, West Didsbury

He read some works we hadn’t heard performed before – there were dark overtones but it worked. In fact, the whole night worked. Pie & mash. Poetry. Laughs. From the people to the food to the performance. It was a real Mancunian treat. If you’ve not been to Love2Eat Deli before, or you’ve never heard Mike doing his poetry, you need to put both on your “To Do” list for 2011.

Mike Garry performing at Love2Eat Deli, West Didsbury

Mike Garry performing at Love2Eat Deli, West Didsbury

Mike will be back at Love2Eat very soon – plans are being hatched – so make sure you don’t miss out next time…

With special thanks to Mike & Amanda, Alison & Charlie, Si & Martin, Paul and Suz & Rich

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  1. November 23, 2010 8:02 am

    Fab night, with special mention to the Vampagne haha, lovely pics 🙂

  2. GerryB permalink
    November 24, 2010 12:43 am

    Would love a link to some of his work – or a vid of his work in-situ at your place. I clicked through from OTCorner and chimed at the word Poetry. Can you fling up some of his lines maybe? As an outsider both to your place and his pieces, it’s tricky to get a grasp on either without a taster,



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