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A Tasty Mid-Week Treat from Pinchjo’s, West Didsbury

October 23, 2010

West Didsbury is fast becoming known as a bit of a foodie haven, and the small, but perfectly formed Pinchjo’s, on Burton Road, is a real addition to the gastronomy of the area. Joe, the bar’s owner, is constantly looking at ways to get out the message about his food, one these being his regular VIP nights. You don’t have to be a real VIP to attend – all you need to do is join the mailing list on the lovely WeAreLife designed website, and you’ll start to receive invitations to these evenings, as well as news about other other events and special offers.

So, last Wednesday, on a cold and wet night, the kind of night when really all you want to do is stay in and curl up on the sofa, we headed down to Pinchjo’s. By the time we got there, at about 8.30pm, the place was nicely full and there was a great buzz. We were immediately offered a selection of pinchos – small slices of bread upon which an ingredient or mixture of ingredients is placed and fastened with a toothpick, which gives the food its name “pincho”, meaning “spike.” We’ve eaten pinchos in Spain and thoroughly enjoyed them – but have to say, Joe’s had the edge. The mix of ingredients was really imaginative – prize of the night went to the black pudding pincho!

Pinchjo's Pincho Night, West Didsbury

Pinchjo's Pincho Night, West Didsbury

Pinchos at Pinchjo's, West Didsbury

Pinchos at Pinchjo's, West Didsbury

Pinchos at Pinchjo's, West Didsbury

Pinchos at Pinchjo's, West Didsbury

Pinchos Nights are held regularly at the bar – but remember, you do need to sign up to the mailing list to receive a ticket. Tickets are currently priced at £7.00 per person, but once you’ve paid for your ticket, you can eat as much as you want. And, it is very difficult to resist the offer of a pincho from the loaded plates which are regularly brought round.

If you like a laid back affair, with excellent food, great music and good company – even on a cold Wednesday, then can we recommend that you get to know Pinchjo’s better.

192 Burton Road, West Didsbury M20 1LH

0161 434 2020

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