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An Independent Community Working Together…

October 19, 2010
West Didsbury Festive Lights

West Didsbury Festive Lights

OK, so it seems like summer (what we had of it!) has only just ended. But, here at Didsbury Life, like all businesses, you have to project and think ahead – and sometimes what you’re currently planning and working on, seems out of synch with the season.

This is what we thought when the West Didsbury Residents’ Association started talking to us in August about the West Didsbury Christmas lights. I still had fanciful ideas of a lengthy stretch on a Greek beach, but quickly realised that with WestFest fast approaching, this wasn’t going to happen. However, being a bit of a “I don’t like to think about Xmas until Dec 18th at the earliest” kind of person, I also didn’t think that I’d be considering Christmas while we still harboured ideas of a late, Indian summer. But Katie, from WDRA, is a very persuasive person, and before I knew it, we were organising a Christmas Lights Prize Draw.

The City Council requested that a contribution was made from businesses this year. We didn’t want to go down the route of going cap in hand and asking for money. So, we thought we’d tie it into WestFes2010  and came up with the Christmas Lights Prize Draw. The target of £1000 was set and Didsbury Life and WDRA got going.

Although to be fair, it wasn’t difficult. West Didsbury businesses generously donated. Visitors to WestFest generously bought the tickets. And – when the draw was done on October 9th and the money counted, we realised we’d exceeded the target and raised £1058.00. All because our lovely, independent community pulled together. Just shows what can be done…

Click here to view list of prizes and winners.

West Didsbury Lights

West Didsbury Lights

And, if you like the idea of a community working together, watch this space –

  • West Didsbury Parking Public Meeting – Thursday 21 October, with subsequent report & blog by Didsbury Life
  • Christmas Lights Switch On in West Didsbury & XmasWestFest – details coming soon…
  • And – a very big announcement for people with a love of food & West Didsbury – all to be revealed next week…
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