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WestFest2010 – The Movie

September 28, 2010

We’ve been holding back on uploading WestFest images, because we wanted to upload the movie first. We had a feeling it would have a bit of a wow factor to it – and I don’t think we were wrong! We approached Ed, of High Contrast Photography, who works in our building on Burton Road, to see if he fancied doing a bit of filming over WestFest weekend. Ed agreed and duly went out with Andy, his colleague on the Saturday, shooting. We have say a huge thank you to them both, as they started filming very early Saturday morning, and as the film shows, late into Saturday night. Even bigger thanks to Ed, as we packed him off on a big filming job just as he was winding down for his wedding!

We’d also like to say a massive thankyou to the amazingly talented guys in The Gypsies of Bohemia. We were delighted when we found out that Silver Apples had booked them to play on the Sunday night – our seats were booked as soon as we knew they were appearing. However, what we didn’t count on was chatting to Jamie Wallace afterwards – and him agreeing to us using one of their soundtracks over the film. What a joyous way to end WestFest2010!

We’ve been really wanting the film on – but, as much we get on with Ed, we didn’t really feel he’d appreciate us hassling him on his honeymoon. So, we’ve waited ever so patiently – and finally – here are the results.

Sit back, watch, listen, enjoy – and see if you can spot yourself… [Expand to full size screen to get full WestFest2010 effect!]

What with the timelapse film, the Story of SIA (Spirit of Independence & Adventure) written by Rowena Forbes & illustrated by Jody Clarke, the West Didsbury Mosaic (installation news later) by Amanda McCrann and The Community Garden at Thyme Out Deli on Nell Lane, here at Didsbury Life, we think we’ve got quite a nice thing going that can only build, grow and develop. Watch this space…

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