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The Beautiful Game…

September 21, 2010

Bit of a different post this one. However, when you are closely associated with someone who has a real passion for something, it’s sometimes difficult to not be affected.

Summer (and by that I mean the warm, sunny part of the year) was good this year. It was a World Cup summer. If you followed Didsbury Life’s tweets over this period, you’ll have realised that our allegiances didn’t lie with the Three Lions, but with the Azzurri – long story! Hopes were riding high that the reigning world champions would do it a fifth time. But, 2010 was not to be their year and Italy crashed out, in spectacular fashion, before the knock-out rounds. Still, being a football loving household, and eternally optimistic, we comforted ourselves with the thought that the new football season was only around the corner and our other blue team would come come good.

Carling Cup

Carling Cup

So, the image may give it away. Tonight, our other blue team, Everton, met Brentford in the Carling Cup. If you’re a Man Utd fan, or  a Chelsea fan, you could probably just give this game a cursory thought because you’d assume your team would just win. However, in an Evertonian household, you can never assume. So, we had to endure the pain of the 90 minutes, extra time and penalties. And, the crushing inevitability of another blue team crashing out in the early stages.

However, we’ve also had a brilliant day today – pre Carling Cup. We had a flurry of meetings, late afternoon, with some of our lovely local businesses – hello to Pinchjos, Thyme Out Delicatessen & Frog Furniture – which have led to some very exciting developments. The meeting with Gareth from Frog, led to another unscheduled meeting – hello to another potential website. We met up with the Green Tea girls again, and are now looking at Phase 2 of their refurbishment.

So, it just goes to show – the game may be beautiful, but it sometimes doesn’t deliver what you expect. However, what is really beautiful, is that sometimes things happen that you don’t just expect. And from these unexpected happenings, real friendships develop…

Still, it would all have been so MUCH better if the Azzurri had done it for a fifth time – roll on 2014!

Italy 2006

Italy 2006

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