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Guest Blog from Oli at Rhubarb Restaurant

September 1, 2010
Thyme Out Deli Plums...

Thyme Out Deli Plums...

Being a chef for most of my life, I never learned much about marketing, or advertising, or much about business in general to be honest. But since I’ve been in West Didsbury I have learned one thing about it, and it’s that community spirit and local sustainability sell. And they sell big time!

At Rhubarb, we don’t have much space to have our own garden, but we’ve had the pleasure and the privilege to get access to the Thyme Out Delicatessen Community Garden (huge thanks to Helen at Didsbury Life for getting all this started!) If you haven’t been, I strongly suggest you go. How many places can make you breakfast with eggs that were laid that morning by the chickens in the back garden? Definitely worth the trip to Nell Lane, just around the corner from us on Burton Road.

Thyme Out Deli Figs...

Thyme Out Deli Figs...

The plethora of produce that grows there is enough to get anyone excited about eating fresh and local. And at Rhubarb, we’ve started to do just that! A good chunk of Ben’s rhubarb patch is now gone thanks to us, oh but what a good time we had with that rhubarb.

It was transformed into rhubarb and ginger “tarte tatins” served with stem ginger ice cream, which sold really well alongside the rhubarb and basil rum specials I couldn’t make enough of that night! Two weekends later the gorgeous Victoria plum tree decided to bless us with about as much fruit as she could bear, and the thinking caps went back on…

Simple plum crumble with ice cream, which sold out before half our Saturday night rush was over, and how many plums I used that night for our Victoria plum mojitos I couldn’t even begin to count! Is it just because the rhubarb and basil rum special and plum crumble sound good that they sold so well? I’m not convinced. My guess is because we make it clear to everyone where we get our ingredients for our weekend specials, and it’s been a massive selling point.

As long as Thyme Out’s got produce to spare, we’ll keep using it for specials and keep growing on the ideals of local sustainability. This weekend (WestFest weekend of course) we’ll be selling rhubarb punch (one for the kiddies, one for the grown ups) all made with Thyme Out’s rhubarb, and I’ll be introducing a cocktail using strictly ingredients sourced from the Thyme Out garden. Maybe I’ll call it “The WestFest” since, after all, it’s what WestFest is all about isn’t it?

See you all this weekend!

Oli, General Manager, Rhubarb Restaurant, Burton Road, West Didsbury 0161 448 8887

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  1. September 1, 2010 10:44 am

    Call the cocktail Thyme for Westfest – a nod to both 🙂

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